University Student Wellness

Identify all of JOY’s philosophies and understand how they relate to your own life.

Gain knowledge about different types of stress and recognize which ones you may experience.

Learn about burnout and acquire strategies to prevent it from taking over.

Understand imposter syndrome and learn how to mitigate its negative effects.

Identify the specific stressors you encounter at university and develop approaches to address them.

Learn the art of saying “no” and establish healthy boundaries in both your academic and personal life.

Transform old habits into new, helpful patterns.

Overcome self-limiting beliefs that hinder your personal and academic success.

Utilize positive psychology, gratitude, and affirmations to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions that can derail your progress.

Prioritize self-love and understand your role in the drama triangle, while learning how to adopt a more constructive and supportive role.

Enhance your skills in the five components of emotional intelligence.

Incorporate mindfulness into your daily life and practice five mindfulness exercises.

Discover the stages of change and acquire strategies to stay motivated in achieving your goals.

Learn to focus on and enhance the aspects of life that are within your control, rather than becoming overwhelmed by those that are not.

Effectively manage your time to handle important tasks, projects, and exam preparation without feeling overwhelmed.

Master the art of creating mind-maps and vision boards that propel you towards your goals and desired life.

Develop SMART goals that enable you to track your aspirations, identify achievable targets, and determine the necessary steps for success.

Sharpen your listening skills and become adept at reading body language to enhance your communication abilities.

Cultivate acceptance and become more tolerant of disagreeable situations.